CERT & Cyber Security for Government

Our Private CERT provide the following services:

  • Delivers timely vulnerability
  • Tracks security events on a global basis,
  • Providing early warning of active attacks. With personalized notification triggers and expert analysis, Enables trend reporting,
  • Incident research and forensic analysis with data-mining capability.
  • Provides a unique capability to understand global Internet attack activities, combined with comprehensive threat analysis.
  • Prioritize IT resources in order to better protect critical information assets against a potential attack, thus improving business continuity, helping to maintain company credibility and adherence to emerging security regulations.

We also assist the partner country by assessing the capacity and readiness of the national CIRT in identifying, responding and managing cyber threats:

  • Study and analyze the partner country's current cyber security status and needs.
  • Provide high-level recommendations to improve the cyber security posture of the partner country.
  • Study and suggest institutional and organizational requirements and arrangements for establishing a national CIRT.
  • Creating and implementing a fully functioning national CIRT to provide its constituents with a basic set of services to implement, review and test day-to-day operations on processes and workflow developed for the CIRT.
  • Engage in CIRT capacity building programs and train government officials from the partner country on CIRT operation and incident response.